Bringing the magic of code to the classroom with The Nerdy Teacher

Talk about a wearer of many hats, this week’s special guest on Digital Making at Home is a long-time friend of the Raspberry Pi Foundation who is inspiring young people in the classroom, one line of code at a time! You may know him as “The Nerdy Teacher”, but we know him as Nick Provenzano, and he joined Mr. C and Christina on the stream to talk about his journey from being “a dyslexic english teacher who didn’t know how to code” to now being a Google Certified Innovator, Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, TED-Ed Innovative Educator and more! 

Nick talked about his 16 years of experience being an english teacher and how making an LED blink for the first time at our Picademy educator program changed his life. He works with 6th graders and finds it so important to show his students that making is part of life the same way that going to school, having a job, raising a family, etc. are all parts of life. We were also lucky enough to see some of the projects that Nick has made like a Raspberry Pi Airplay device! 

Conversations with people like Nick are the ones that inspire people to try their hands at making new things, and we hope that you walk away from this week’s episode feeling like you can do anything you put your mind to. We’ve got one last episode of Digital Making at Home next week, so make sure to join us live for more!

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