A lesson in machine learning with Randi Williams!

This week’s live stream was all about learning the basics of machine learning, and we were so happy to have our guest Randi Williams, a PhD student at MIT Media Lab, explain it all.

It’s always great to hear from someone like Randi who is studying such a rapidly developing field. Here’s a fun fact: Randi grew up fixing computers with her sister and their father. It wasn’t until she took computer science in high school that she learned about programming. There are so many opportunities in the digital making field — it’s all about finding what appeals to you!

You also get to try out a machine learning project with Mr C, Christina, and Randi. Watch the recording to find out how to create your own program in Scratch that uses your webcam to identify objects around you! If you want to code along with them, check out Google’s Teachable Machine and this Scratch starter project.

What new things will we learn together next, digital makers? You’ll have to join us again next week to see. We’ll see you on Wednesday 18 Nov at 7pm GMT at rpf.io/home.

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Teaching a machine to do things on their own is interesting, fun, It is like teaching a human about some skills.

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