The Raspberry Pi Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who are responsible for ensuring that we use our resources effectively to achieve our charitable goals.

Trustees of the Foundation are elected by the Membership.

Members play an important role in supporting the Board of Trustees, contributing to the Foundation’s strategic direction, holding the Foundation to account, and advocating for our mission.

Trustees and Members are volunteers.


Caroline sits on a number of listed commercial company Boards as a Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit.
Caroline Brown
Chris is a Venture Partner at Entrepreneur First.
Chris Mairs
David is Chairman of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and co-founder of Cambridge Angels.
David Cleevely
Chair of Trustees
Jon is an author and former Chair of Ravensbourne University London.
Jon Drori
Kim is Director of Factual at Endemol Shine.
Kim Shillinglaw
Richard Clegg
Sherry is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor to Universities and Charities.
Sherry Coutu
Tilly is Head of Collections at the Science Museum, London.
Tilly Blyth


Alan is Professor of Computing at the University of Cambridge.
Alan Mycroft
Founding member
Andy is Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge Computer Science Lab.
Andy Rice
Annika is co-founder of CAST and sits on the boards of Access Foundation and John Ellerman Foundation.
Annika Small
Bill is a venture partner with SOSV and listed as an influential investor on Twitter. He is also Co-Founder of CoderDojo.
Bill Liao
Co-founder CoderDojo
Clare is co-founder of She Wins, a social business aiming to close the gender pay gap. She is co-founder of Code Club and speaks publicly about the magical combination of technology and social impact
Clare Sutcliffe
Co-founder Code Club
David is CEO of Frontier Developments.
David Braben
Founding Member
David is the President of the Intergenerational Centre at the Resolution Foundation and a Visiting Professor at King’s College London.
David Willetts
Eben is the creator of Raspberry Pi and CEO of Raspberry Pi Trading.
Eben Upton
Founding Member
Ian co-founded Games Workshop and is currently Chairman of Sumo Group plc and Partner of Hiro Capital LLP.
Ian Livingstone
James is co-founder of CoderDojo, has served as CTO for a number of ecommerce companies, and advisor to startups and private equity.
James Whelton
Co-founder CoderDojo
Jim is Chief Education Adviser at TES and a member of the House of Lords.
Jim Knight
Limor is CEO of Adafruit Industries.
Limor Fried
Martha is CEO of doteveryone and a member of the House of Lords.
Martha Lane Fox
Matthew is the Chief Technology Officer for the BBC.
Matthew Postgate
Miles is principal lecturer for Computing Education at the University of Roehampton.
Miles Berry
Pete is Director of Engineering at Norcott Technologies.
Pete Lomas
Founding Member
Rosemary is the creator and CEO of Ellexus Ltd.
Rosemary Francis
Rosemary is a Founding Director of the World Wide Web Foundation.
Rosemary Leith
Scott was President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcom Corporation and President of the Broadcom Foundation.
Scott McGregor
Simon is Principal Researcher for Microsoft UK and Chair of Computing at Schools (CAS).
Simon Peyton Jones
Tim is a British ESA Astronaut.
Tim Peake