Reddit: what do people use their Pis for?

A thread about Raspberry Pi ended up on the front page of Reddit today, and it’s a doozy. There are thousands of people taking part, and some Pi projects mentioned that we’d never even imagined people taking on. Some of them made our little hearts swell with pride. Teaching machines for schools in Ecuador, prosthetic... Continue reading

Issue 11 of the MagPi – out now!

April’s MagPi has just been released. As well as all the usual goodies, this month the magazine (free to download, as always) contains features on controlling your house’s heating system using a Pi, a guide to turning your Pi into a wireless access point (I’m thinking of pointing one in the general direction of my... Continue reading

Add to our demo table!

We’re still settling into the new offices (we’re using Gordon’s phone as a wireless hotspot until the BT guy turns up later this week; we still don’t have a bin, cupboard, coat rack, bookshelf or a coffee machine; glass walls need to be erected; and we really need some whiteboards). One thing we want to... Continue reading

Crowdsourcing new Tips of the Day

One of the changes you’ll have noticed with our new site design is the addition of the Tip of the Day at the top of the home page. We’ve got enough tips to avoid having to cycle for a month or so at the moment – but we want more! This is where you come... Continue reading

A personal Raspberry Pi retrospective

One year ago I had just joined the Raspberry Pi forum. I’d heard about this little, low cost computer that you could plug into a screen and, well, just do stuff. As a teacher of ICT and Computing this interested me a lot, especially bearing in mind the Foundation’s mission and the state of Computing... Continue reading

Issue 5 of The MagPi out now!

Another month, another MagPi. This issue has a page from the Raspithon team about their 48-hour coding marathon; a new electronics project from Mike Cook (remember those steady hands games where you’d guide a loop around a bent wire without allowing anything to touch?); a slightly more advanced project where you’ll be hooking up a... Continue reading


If you’ve listened to interviews we’ve given about the general fantasticness of our community, you’ll have heard us mention more than once that that very fantasticness has, on occasion, made us alter the direction the Foundation has planned to take things in. (Raspbian, a Raspberry Pi optimised distro which came out of the community, and... Continue reading

Monday grab bag

I’ve been sent links to a lot of cool stuff the community’s been working on over the weekend. Here are a few items which really tickled me. @Jojoreloaded has ported Frontier, the sequel to Elite (David Braben, who developed both games, is one of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s trustees), to the Raspberry Pi. Frontier, unlike... Continue reading

You asked, Eben answered!

You might be one of the people who took part in the #AskEben questions on Twitter and YouTube last week. Here are Eben’s answers, kindly filmed and edited in a rock-and-roll style by the muscly George from element14. These are worth a watch. They’re not the questions we usually get asked around here, a few... Continue reading