Featured Raspberry Jams

Wondering what a Jam looks like? Here’s a selection of examples and case studies of successful Jams from around the world. We’ll be adding to this in the future – drop us a line via the contacts page if you’d think we’d like to feature your Jam.

Manchester Raspberry Jam

The Manchester Jam is a hands-on style event that runs monthly, first run by Ben Nuttall, then taken over by Jack Kelly. From the beginning it has been centred around giving people the chance to turn up and work on Pi projects together. All sorts of people are made welcome, from teachers, parents and children to professional software developers and hardware hackers.

Pizza is provided by sponsors at each event to an average attendance of 50, and tickets are sold at £5 (or £3 for newcomers) and free for children and students, with proceeds donated to the venue.

Cambridge Raspberry jam

The Cambridge Raspberry Jam – known as CamJam – is organised by Michael Horne and Tim Richardson. It runs roughly every three months and is a mixture of practical workshops, technical talks, show-and-tell and a popular marketplace. Tickets are normally priced at £2-3 for adults, and are free for those 16 and under. Proceeds from ticket sales go towards running future Jams and increasing the amount of equipment we have available for workshops. In December, we will be running what we hope will be an annual robotics competition called Pi Wars. Our Jams are popular with hobbyists, educators and families, and we regularly welcome over 150 people to the event.

Raspberry Jam Berlin

Raspberry Jam Berlin, organised by James Mitchell, is a great place for enthusiasts to come together, share projects and learn more about the Raspberry Pi. Everyone is welcome – from kids to teachers, from hackers to someone simply looking to learn something new. There are workshops, demonstrations and project sharing to participate in.

Blackpool Raspberry Jam

Blackpool Raspberry Jam was started in September 2014 by Les Pounder as a monthly gathering for those interested in all things Raspberry Pi. Enthusiasts from around the North West come along to demonstrate their projects, collaborate with like minded individuals and take part in talks and workshops.
Anyone is welcome to come along and try out the Raspberry Pi. We have eight full kits that have been donated for anyone to use, so you can find out if Raspberry Pi is for you. Our event is free to attend and is supported by great organisations such Blackpool Libraries, the Raspberry Pi Foundation and Pimoroni.

Preston Raspberry Jam

The Preston Raspberry Jam, set up by Alan O’Donohoe, meets on the first Monday of every month from 6 – 9pm. As members arrive, they are encouraged to interact with each other to find out why the others are there and what they have done with their Raspberry Pi. After about 15 minutes we have a series of lightning talks where members take it in turn to show the audience Raspberry Pi projects that they have been working on – we try to ensure we have a balance of ages and backgrounds.

We usually have about 10 Raspberry Pi computers set up at the back of the room for people to use. Sometimes we have had directed activities like a lesson where a speaker suggests something that everyone could try on their Raspberry Pi, e.g. building a text-based adventure game then everyone joins a group and they work together on the same idea. Some attendees set up tables with their own projects on to demonstrate to others while others bring along a project that they’ve been working on to get some help from others.