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Do you enjoy sharing your teaching ideas, successes, and challenges with others? Do you want to connect with a global community of over 40,000 computing educators? Have you always wanted to be a published author? Every single teacher out there has at least one lesson to share, idea to voice, or story to tell. We’d love for you to share yours in Hello World.

Hello World is the magazine by computing educators, for computing educators. Contributors choose to write for us for many different reasons. Here are some reasons that we’ve heard:

  • Working in computing education can be a bit lonely at times, especially if you’re new to the subject. Writing for the magazine helps educators feel that they’re part of a wider community.

  • It’s rewarding to share your tried and tested ideas — whether they were successful in the classroom or not.

  • Writing helps you reflect. When you take a step back and analyse your own teaching and learning, you gain a new perspective.

Hear about writing for us in our podcast

We have a whole podcast episode where we talk about the writing process for Hello World and how you can start writing articles based on your experience as a teacher. Listen now:

  1. You send your article idea to us via the submission form when you click on the 'Send your idea' button below. The form asks you for a potential article title, a summary of your idea, links to any existing content, and an estimate of the length of your article. It’s OK if you only have an idea at this stage.
We recommend that you don’t write a draft of your article until you’ve heard back from us, so we can give you feedback about the idea and the article's structure before you start.

  2. The editor of Hello World emails you about whether your idea is suitable for an article, or the ways you could tweak it to make it suitable. If the editor would like you to turn your idea into an article, they send you all the information you need, including a word count limit, a deadline for your first draft, and a template document to write your article in. 

  3. You write your first draft and send this to the editor by the agreed deadline. You can always send the editor questions or ask for help if you need to.

  4. The editor edits your draft, adds suggestions for you to consider, and emails the edited draft to you.

  5. You complete your final draft of your article based on the editor's suggestions, and you send this back to the editor. 

  6. The editor gets your article designed and then sends you a PDF version for one quick final check before publication.

  7. Your article is published in the new magazine issue and you receive a print copy to thank you for your hard work.

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  • Take a look at the articles in previous issues if you're not sure what kind of story you could write about

  • Think about what kind of article you'd like to read or what experience you could share with other educators

  • Look into the concept of writing sprints to help you write your article more easily