Issue 19 of the Hello World magazine

Issue 19 Sustainability & Computing

Over the last three years, we’ve seen more than 7 million students around the world put down their schoolwork and take to the streets to demand climate change action. Could technology be the answer? This issue explores the interaction between sustainability and computing, from how we can interact with technology responsibly to its potential to mitigate climate change.

We delve into the research behind device-repair cafés and see repair put into action by a student in Malaysia for his local community, along with a deep dive into the question of technology obsolescence. We also share young people’s ideas for how technology can be used for good, showcasing sustainability-themed student projects and a school-based COP that was inspired by the annual UN conference.

Also in this issue:

  • A physical computing challenge inspired by the TV show Baking Impossible

  • Supporting a school in The Gambia to develop a computing curriculum

  • Top tips for ensuring your primary e-safety curriculum is fit for purpose