GCSE – Lesson 14 – For loops

Curriculum KS4 Unit Lesson

This lesson is designed to introduce learners to the concept of a for loop. They will learn about the definition, and be shown how the range function can be used with a for loop. This lesson only focuses on the range function; the wider use of for loops will be covered later on in the unit. This will enable them to be able to compare a while loop and a for loop at an earlier stage in the unit. After a walkthrough of a for loop, learners will be given a times table generator to explore and modify. Finally, learners will compare a while loop to a for loop and develop definitions for each.

Learning objectives

  • Define a for loop
  • Walk through code that uses a for loop
  • Modify a program that uses a for loop
  • Compare a while loop and a for loop

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Slide decks
  • Learner resources
  • Homework