Non-GCSE – Using IT in project management

Curriculum KS4 Unit


Project management has numerous transferable skills for learners, from simple time management to structured project management techniques. These skills will be invaluable for learners in their future careers. It will support team building, enable learners to become more organised, and allow them to reflect on any work completed.

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Learning graph

Updated: 21 Feb 2023

Learning graph

Updated: 21 Feb 2023

Summative assessment

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

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Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Lesson 1

What is project management?

Lesson 2

Initiate a project

Lesson 3

Initiate and plan a project

Lesson 4

Tools for planning

Lesson 5

Carrying out a project part 1

Lesson 6

Carrying out a project part 2

Lesson 7

Evaluate a project

Lesson 8

Start your own project

Lesson 9

Execute your own project

Lesson 10

Evaluate your project