Year 7 – Lesson 6 – The World Wide Web

Curriculum KS3 Unit Lesson

This lesson explores the World Wide Web (WWW), the components that are associated with the WWW, and how they work together. First, learners will look at a series of images and identify how they can be grouped into web browsers, web pages, and search engines. Next, the key components of the WWW are explained (browser, server, web pages, and search engines). A link is made to the first lesson of the unit, in which the class learnt about protocols — learners will develop an understanding of the difference between HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Learners will also gain an understanding of URLs and their structures. Next, learners will discuss the domain name system and the relationship between IP address and domain name, then complete an activity in which they have to identify the ‘type’ of organisation from a website URL. Learners will identify which websites should use HTTP and which should use HTTPS based on the type of activity that they support.

Learning objectives

  • Describe components (servers, browsers, pages, HTTP and HTTPS protocols, etc.) and how they work together

Package contents

  • Lesson plans
  • Slide decks
  • Learner resources
  • Homework