Year 8 – Developing for the Web

Curriculum KS3 Unit


In this unit, learners will explore the technologies that make up the internet and World Wide Web. Starting with an exploration of the building blocks of the World Wide Web, HTML, and CSS, learners will investigate how websites are catalogued and organised for effective retrieval using search engines. By the end of the unit, learners will have a functioning website.

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Learning graph

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Summative assessment

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Summative answer

Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Lesson 1

Website building blocks

Lesson 2

Words are not enough

Lesson 3

Taking shortcuts

Lesson 4

Searching the web

Lesson 5

Tightening the web

Lesson 6

Navigating the web