Year 5 – Programming A – Selection in physical computing

Curriculum KS2 Unit


In this unit, learners will use physical computing to explore the concept of selection in programming through the use of the Crumble programming environment. Learners will be introduced to a microcontroller (Crumble controller) and learn how to connect and program components (including output devices- LEDs and motors) through the application of their existing programming knowledge. Learners are introduced to conditions as a means of controlling the flow of actions and make use of their knowledge of repetition and conditions when introduced to the concept of selection (through the if, then structure).

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Learning graph

Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Lesson 1

Connecting Crumbles

Lesson 2

Combining outputs

Lesson 3

Controlling with conditions

Lesson 4

Starting with selection

Lesson 5

Drawing designs

Lesson 6

Writing and testing algorithms