Year 5 – Creating media – Introduction to vector graphics

Curriculum KS2 Unit


In this unit, learners start to create vector drawings. They learn how to use different drawing tools to help them create images. Learners recognise that images in vector drawings are created using shapes and lines, and each individual element in the drawing is called an object. Learners layer their objects and begin grouping and duplicating them to support the creation of more complex pieces of work. This unit is planned using the Google Drawings app, other alternative pieces of software are available.

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Learning graph

Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Lesson 1

The drawing tools

Lesson 2

Creating images

Lesson 3

Making effective drawings

Lesson 4

Layers and objects

Lesson 5

Manipulating objects

Lesson 6

Create a vector drawing