Year 6 – Creating media – 3D Modelling

Curriculum KS2 Unit


Learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of using a computer to produce 3D models. Learners will initially familiarise themselves with working in a 3D space, moving, resizing, and duplicating objects. They will then create hollow objects using placeholders and combine multiple objects to create a model of a desk tidy. Finally, learners will examine the benefits of grouping and ungrouping 3D objects, then go on to plan, develop, and evaluate their own 3D model of a building.

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

Learning graph

Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Updated: 10 Feb 2023


Lesson 1

Introduction to 3D modelling

Lesson 2

Modifying 3D objects

Lesson 3

Make your own name badge

Lesson 4

Making a desk tidy

Lesson 5

Planning a 3D model

Lesson 6

Make your own 3D model