Year 6 – Computing systems and networks - Communication and collaboration

Curriculum KS2 Unit


In this unit learners explore how data is transferred over the internet. Learners initially focus on addressing, before they move on to the makeup and structure of data packets. Learners then look at how the internet facilitates online communication and collaboration; they complete shared projects online and evaluate different methods of communication. Finally, they learn how to communicate responsibly by considering what should and should not be shared on the internet.

Note: Some of the content in this unit was previously included in the Year 5 – ‘Computer systems and networks’ unit, so some learners may have already completed similar activities. Where this is the case, the context for the activity has been changed.

Unit guide

Updated: 10 Feb 2023

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Summative assessment

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Lesson 1

Internet addresses

Lesson 2

Data packets

Lesson 3

Working together

Lesson 4

Shared working

Lesson 5

How we communicate

Lesson 6

Communicating responsibly