What participants should expect from the programme

The Raspberry Pi Foundation will offer:

  • Raspberry Pi starter kit
  • £300 materials grant
  • Supervision from mentors with enhanced DBS checks during online sessions and fieldtrips
  • Safe and private accommodation on field trips and sessions in Cambridge
  • Food on field trips and sessions in Cambridge
  • Reimbursed travel costs (within the UK) to attend field trips and sessions in Cambridge
  • Contact with mentors twice a month
  • Opportunities to meet industry professionals
  • Hardware and software support from mentors during sessions
  • Support to complete Arts Award Gold accreditation (35 UCAS points)

What the Raspberry Pi Foundation expects from the participants

Applicants should be able to:

  • Work productively and independently
    • Your grant installments will depend on you reaching agreed targets in your personal project
  • Document and share progress
    • You must provide evidence of your project’s progress through blogs and videos and be able to communicate during sessions
  • Commitment and ability to attend 3 hours online contact per month
    • You’ll need to participate in our 1 hour one-to-one and 2 hour group discussions online each month
  • Commitment to at least 4 hours per week working independently on the project
  • Commitment and ability to attend practical sessions at Pi Towers in Cambridge (roughly 5 days over the 12 month period)
  • Commitment and ability to attend field trips (4 weekends throughout the 12 month period)
  • Safe, responsible and mature behaviour throughout the course activity
    • This includes no alcohol on field trips as some participants are under the legal age.
  • Present final project at exhibition at the end of the programme

We reserve the right to remove participants from the programme at any time without notice.