US Tour
Rob Bishop, our developer-evangelist, spent some of last summer visiting US hackspaces, giving Raspberry Pi talks and demonstrations. Because there was only a short time we could spare him for, there were large parts of the country that he wasn’t able to visit – and you let us know you weren’t happy about that. So … Continue reading →
Back in October, Eben and I drove down the Eastern seaboard of the United States visiting hackspaces, conferences and universities, telling people about Raspberry Pi. One of our favourite stops was in Charlotte NC, where we had a wonderfully warm welcome, ate some great pie, and met some brilliant people. The (rather gorgeously produced) video … Continue reading →
Rob Bishop, our tech evangelist, developer and all-round good egg, has been finalising his itinerary for the first Raspberry Pi Hackspace Tour (previously discussed here). Here’s his updated schedule: 18th September – Make.SI (Staten Island, NY) – Evening event, starts at 7pm – Sign-up 19th September – NYResistor (Brooklyn, NY) – Evening event, starts at … Continue reading →
Rob Bishop is one of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s developers and a super-enthusiastic tech-evangelist type. He’s volunteered to go visit a number of hackspaces in the US in a sort of Regency Grand Tour style (only with aeroplanes and a backpack full of computers) to spread the word about Raspberry Pi and to give some … Continue reading →