Ben, Luke, Ryan and Edward coded for 48 hours solid. And they created a very neat-looking game called Rasperroids; demonstrated to everyone (except that one guy) who dropped into their channel just how much fun coding can be; learned a lot; and raised more than £500 for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, for which we’re enormously … Continue reading →
I’ve been checking into the Raspithon (this link is for a live feed) every few hours (time for sleep aside), and it’s surprisingly engrossing watching the video stream and chat channel as Ryan, Luke, Edward and Ben develop the game they’ve set themselves 48 hours to write. I heartily recommend it. They’re nearly a day into … Continue reading →
Remember Ryan Walmsley? Ryan’s the young programmer behind the Rastrack map (please add your Raspberry Pi to it if you haven’t done so yet). Ryan and a group of friends from around the world have decided that they’ll improve their Python programming skills (“We’re not 100% experienced in Python…” says Ryan) and raise some money for … Continue reading →