A picture post today; I thought it was time to remind you all what this project’s really about. Thanks to all the proud parents who sent photos in! Thanks again to all the parents who let us use these pictures, and especially to all the kids! … Continue reading →
The Bay Area Maker Faire is the big daddy of all the Maker Faires, and boy, do my feet hurt after two days running up and down its exhibition halls and fairgrounds. Eben did two presentations on stage (both have been videoed, and we’ll make them available when the editing guys have done their magic); … Continue reading →
17.30, April 17: A lot of people are now posting their own first startup and unboxing pictures and videos in this thread on our forums – please drop by and join in! There are unboxing pictures and videos all over the place at the moment, now some lucky folk’s Raspberry Pis have turned up on … Continue reading →
Jimmy’s sent over a some pictures taken during the setup for a couple of last week’s tests. I know a lot of you were interested in seeing what the inside of an anechoic testing chamber looks like. When you’re done geeking out, scroll down to the bottom for a bonus picture from a pub toilet. … Continue reading →