Mod My Pi
Pi Zeros are still selling out as fast as they go on the shelves. If you’re still looking for one, keep polling Adafruit, Micro Center, Pimoroni and The Pi Hut – they’re all getting stock hot from the factory. We hope supply and demand will even out soon! If you’re holding one in your hot … Continue reading →
Don’t stress about it: like you, nobody here has finished their Christmas shopping either. Here’s our annual roundup of the best presents for the Raspberry Pi fan in your life, so you can make them grateful to you all year long. First, and most obviously, we recommend you buy a Raspberry Pi 2 for any Pi-lover who … Continue reading →
Things have been very busy in The MagPi‘s nesting box this month. We saw Ash in early September, and he mentioned that plans were afoot to do something the MagPi editorial team hadn’t imagined would be possible a few months ago. They were going to attempt to produce a print edition. And being the well-oiled … Continue reading →