Three weeks ago Ben, Eben, Liz, Matt, Pete, Rachel and I headed to San Mateo, California for Maker Faire Bay Area 2015. We thought it might get a bit busy, so we roped in Paul from Pimoroni to give us a hand, and we also had lots of help from fantastic local volunteer Dean over … Continue reading →
If you’ve been wondering what happened to PIE, the Raspberry Pi camera-equipped balloon Dave Akerman launched on Saturday (with considerable hinderance from me, Eben and JamesH), Dave’s blogged about the launch and its aftermath. Most exciting of all, for us, was the new record Dave bagged with this balloon: it went even higher than his … Continue reading →
Today’s a very special day for us here at Raspberry Pi. It’s the first anniversary of the Pi’s launch day. (It’s as near as we can get; we launched on a leap day last year. We’re going to have a really great party in 2016.) It’s been a crazy, wonderful year, and usually I’d have … Continue reading →
As you’ll be aware, unless you got lost down the back of the sofa in a horrible wrapping paper and sticky tape accident before Christmas, we’re auctioning off a very limited edition of twelve pre-production Model A boards (with accompanying goodies like T-shirts, signed books and an Adafruit Pi Plate) to raise money for twelve … Continue reading →
Turned out that George from element14 still had another video up his sleeve. This really is the last one: a short Q&A with Eben and me about the Foundation. I am, as some bright spark will doubtless point out in the comments, really really awkward in front of cameras (which is why you don’t ordinarily get … Continue reading →
We’re back from our holidays. We have learned that Metaxa makes us ill, and that there are a million and one useful things you can do with an aubergine. I’ve got a bit of video to keep you entertained while I burn through the enormous backlog of email that built up while I was away. … Continue reading →
The Bay Area Maker Faire is the big daddy of all the Maker Faires, and boy, do my feet hurt after two days running up and down its exhibition halls and fairgrounds. Eben did two presentations on stage (both have been videoed, and we’ll make them available when the editing guys have done their magic); … Continue reading →
Eben and I were at the Sci Fi London Horizons event at the British Film Institute on Sunday, talking about the Raspberry Pi to a room full of Spectrum fans who were there to celebrate the Speccy’s 30th birthday. Official Friend of Pi, Andrew Edney, who took the video of Eben’s talk at the BBC … Continue reading →
Huge apologies for going quiet on you. Eben and I have been on a skiing holiday, but I managed to fall and twist my knee quite badly in the middle of last week. Eben is a sweetheart and curtailed the holiday to take me down the hill to spend a few days in a rented … Continue reading →