Here’s a guest post from our old friends Mike Horne and Tim Richardson. Come and join the fun at the next Pi Wars! Pi Wars is a challenge-based robotics competition in which every robot must be controlled by a Raspberry Pi. It’s great fun, and it will all be kicking off once again on 1st-2nd April … Continue reading →
First up, we’ve got a bit of fantastic news today: we won an Index Award last night here in Denmark. The Index Award is the world’s biggest design award, and it comes with €100,000 for the Foundation, which we’re absolutely overwhelmed to receive. We’ll be using the money to take on two new hires over … Continue reading →
Dr Gordon Hollingworth, our Head of Software, has been in Orlando visiting Familab, one of our favourite hackspaces. (I love it there – unusually, they’re in a big industrial unit, so they’ve got a lot of space for really big hardware. They’ve got cherry pickers, traffic lights, an industrial CNC milling machine and a lot … Continue reading →
Rob Bishop, our developer-evangelist, spent some of last summer visiting US hackspaces, giving Raspberry Pi talks and demonstrations. Because there was only a short time we could spare him for, there were large parts of the country that he wasn’t able to visit – and you let us know you weren’t happy about that. So … Continue reading →
Conservation, hackspaces and Raspberry Pis. And sharks. How could this not be the blog of the day? Gary Fletcher of ZSL sent us this report. Marine Conservation Camera ZSL have developed low cost cameras to monitor marine biodiversity in large marine protected areas (MPAs) using the $35 Raspberry Pi single board computers and standard webcams … Continue reading →
NESIT is the New England Society of Information and Technology in Connecticut, and they have a made a security system for their hackspace that gives us terrible feelings of envy. Their old RFID door lock, powered by an Arduino, was getting old and came bundled with some problems: it didn’t allow for easy modifications to the database … Continue reading →
Eben is doing some work on the west coast of the US until Wednesday, then he’s at a loose end before flying out to NYC on Saturday morning. He’s decided he’d like to fill those two days visiting bits of the country we’ve not been to before with Raspberry Pi, so we’re looking for folks … Continue reading →
FamiLAB is a hackspace in Orlando, Florida that Eben and I had a really great time visiting back in October. It’s hidden away in an industrial unit – it’s a big space, with its own commercial-sized CNC milling machine, 3d printers, laser cutters, an in-progress replica of the Bridge from Star Trek: TNG, some traffic … Continue reading →
Back in October, Eben and I drove down the Eastern seaboard of the United States visiting hackspaces, conferences and universities, telling people about Raspberry Pi. One of our favourite stops was in Charlotte NC, where we had a wonderfully warm welcome, ate some great pie, and met some brilliant people. The (rather gorgeously produced) video … Continue reading →
Rob’s been back in the US this week, tech-evangelising his little heart out – this time visiting Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to give keynotes and workshops on the Raspberry Pi at their ARM Developer Day and Random Hacks of Kindness events. Rob, who doesn’t sleep, also had a chance to visit Interlock Rochester, a … Continue reading →