expansion boards
Alex Eames started doing amazing things with the Raspberry Pi very shortly after we launched. He runs RasPi.TV, and he’s become a good friend of the Raspberry Pi project over the last couple of years. RasPi.TV is a really terrific blog and YouTube channel dedicated to all things Pi, and in recent months Alex has … Continue reading →
Liz: Another day, another expansion board. Here’s a guest post from John Woodthorpe at the Open University, where SenseBoard is being used in teaching along with the Raspberry Pi, which drives it. Some of our forum members have taken the university’s My Digital Life course, which uses the SenseBoard as a teaching tool; you can read what … Continue reading →
Mike Cook has rigged up a solenoid-controlled glockenspiel to play some of Rogers and Hammerstein’s finest. Just brilliant. He’s hand-built a simple buffer board to intermediate between the Raspberry Pi and his robot glockenspiel, which you can read all about on his blog; there are instructions for making a similar board at home, which sounds … Continue reading →