We’ve been nominated for the People’s Choice Award in next week’s Index Award: Design to Improve Life. The competition makers have encouraged us to share the news with you, and we’d be really grateful if you could visit CNN’s page about the awards and click on the Pi button. The Index Awards are a very … Continue reading →
As promised, here’s the full version of the short news item CNN carried on the Quest Means Business Christmas show earlier this week. We’ve had a great time with a couple of crews from CNN this year. We met Adam shortly after launch, and knew he had a Pi on order. He’s the guy who … Continue reading →
We spent a few days with a camera crew from CNN last month, both here in Cambridge and at the factory in Wales. The bits of film they recorded and showed us while we were with them looked fantastic, and I’ve just been sent this trailer for the broadcast, which will be on Thursday: as … Continue reading →
CNN shot this video of Eben talking about Pi and teaching a class of students from Chesterton Community College earlier this year, but didn’t air it when planned because they decided to film a longer, more in-depth piece instead, which we’re hoping to see near Christmas. We thought you’d like to see the original, short … Continue reading →