Challenge theme: Make it outdoors

Your next challenge, if you choose to accept it, is…

MakeYourIdeas The second Pioneers theme is here! Wahoo! We’re looking for UK-based teams of two to five people aged 11-16 to make something ‘outdoorsy’ with tech. Are you up for the challenge? Head to the Pioneers website for more details and to register your team:

You have until the 10th of July to make it outdoors! This is your opportunity to take technology and make it work in the real world. Once you’re ready to share your project with us, you can submit it here.

We’re looking for teams of two to five people, aged 11-16 and based in the UK, to show us how you can make technology affect the way we do things outdoors.

Entrants will be sent swag for taking part, and for submitting their final make. The most awesome entries will also win one of the following prizes:

  • WOW: a place at the Pioneers camp on Friday 28 July in London, attended by Raspberry Pi Foundation staff and some of the world’s most amazing technologists!


  • AMAZING: the chance to turn your amazing make into a resource so that other people can be blown away by your brilliance!


  • FANTABULOUS: make a video with the Raspberry Pi team and feature on our YouTube channel!


  • SPLENDID: have a whole article written about your greatness for our magazine, The MagPi, or the Raspberry Pi blog

Now, what do we mean by tech? Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, hacked toys, an app that tricks your friends, LEDs and buzzers: all you need to do is to use digital technologies to make your project. That might mean programming a computer, building a website, hacking some hardware, building a prototype, or using a 3D printer, to name a few possibilities. It should be much more hands-on than just checking your email or creating a PowerPoint presentation, though. The clue is in the hashtag: #MakeYourIdeas.

If you’re looking at all of this and thinking you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. For this theme, we’ve curated three starter projects to help ease Pioneers into the world of digital making. These projects provide a good way to develop a feel for digital making, and are flexible enough to be adapted in lots of different ways. Pimoroni are offering all Pioneers participants 15 percent off kit for these projects! Discount details will be sent to you when you register your team.

Thanks to our friends at the Shell Centenary Scholarship Fund, for this cycle of Pioneers, we are able to help teams cover the cost of these basic kits (one per team) PiCamera and Wearables. This is for teens that are relatively new to digital making where the financial barriers might put them off. If you think your team is eligible, send a short email making your case to [email protected] .

Starter projects

If you’ve not tried any digital making before, our starter projects are a good way to give you a taste for making something using tech:

We really want to see your creativity and ingenuity, so we’d recommend using these as starting points rather than simply following the instructions. For the wearables, you could try adding sensors, or perhaps you could program your project to flash secret signals? For the camera project, what could you record out and about in the world?

Below, we’ve brought together some projects we like to help spark your ideas. You could try some of them out to level up your skills before tackling your own laser-eyed, robot shark…