A Squad is largely informal (perhaps a group of friends working in their own time) and probably already has a good idea of techy stuff. Squads tend to be more independent, and meetings may be sporadic, informal or online only. This option isn’t recommended if it’s your first competition like this, or if you’re not a techie yourself. Team members benefit from working in a team and taking responsibility for their own workload. Squad Mentors work more along the lines of being the ‘Help Desk’ when team members get stuck, or need some innovation midwifery.

Every team needs a mentor. We welcome mentors from all walks of life. We’re here to support you and help you do a great job. Mentors must be aged over 18, based in the UK, and sensible. Mentors don’t have to be a digital making genius, but do need to be willing to learn and help the teams find the answers they need.

We’ve got help with each stage of the process, and have an online discussion forum and monthly video hangouts to help you. Comprehensive information can be found in our Mentor Guide Ideas start here.

The Pioneers experience

  • Theme announced
  • Go crazy with ideas
  • Design and develop something epic
  • Reflect on making/what did we learn?
  • Make cool video
  • Submit cool video
  • Celebrate your awesomeness!

Pioneers is all about sharing. We want you to share what you’re making on whatever social media platform works for you, using the hashtag #MakeYourIdeas. We’ll be watching for the most interesting projects, and giving you online love and support.

To give you a to start is to look at the Pioneers Cycle One Winners. And the theme page can give you loads of ideas too.