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Register your team for the spring 2017 Pioneers challenge: make us laugh! By completing and submitting this form, each team member and adult mentor confirms that they have read and understood the submission guidelines, and that they agree to follow them. If any new members or mentors should join the team at any time, it is your responsibility to make sure they also read and agree to the submission guidelines.
  • A name for people to know you by. Pick something uncontroversial - your team will not be accepted if you choose a name that's rude.
  • Mentor details

    A team mentor must be aged 18 or above. By submitting this registration form, you are confirming that your team's mentor is eligible and that they have agreed to take part.
  • We’ll use this email address to send support and ideas throughout the Pioneers challenge.
  • Which social media platforms do you use?
  • We’ve prepared some guidelines to help your Pioneers team stay safe online. Please confirm that you have read them (we’ll also email them to you so that you can keep a copy).
  • Team details

    Your team can be just one person, or up to four. Don't forget to check with everyone before signing them up! Team members must be between twelve and 15 years old (if any members are about to turn twelve, or have just turned 16, see our FAQs - they might still be eligible).
  • We will use team members' email addresses to keep in touch throughout the challenge. With permission, you can use a parent/carer's or mentor's email address if needed.
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  • Please tell us if your team is based within a school, part of a club, or in another kind of group.
  • We'd like to see whether more people take part in Pioneers in some areas than in others. This will help us bring future Pioneers challenges to as many people as possible.