Spyrul breathed new life into his great-grandparents’ 1930s Westinghouse with a Raspberry Pi, an amplifier HAT, Google Music, and some serious effort. The result is a really beautiful, striking piece. The radio With a background in radio electronics, Spyrul had always planned to restore his great-grandparents’ mid-30s Westinghouse radio. “I even found the original schematics … Continue reading →
Halloween: that glorious time of year when you’re officially allowed to make your friends jump out of their skin with your pranks. For those among us who enjoy dressing up, Halloween is also the occasion to go all out with costumes. And so, dear reader, we present to you: a steampunk tentacle hat, created by … Continue reading →
In this digital age, where backup computers and multiple internet-connected devices are a must, maker phrazelle¬†built this beautiful Raspberry Pi-powered steampunk laptop for his girlfriend. And now we all want one. I mean, just look at it! This build is gorgeous. And as a fan of quirky-looking tech builds and of making things out of … Continue reading →