The MagPi

MagPi issue 22

I’m about two weeks late to the party on this one – massive apologies to all at The MagPi. It’s been a bit busy around here so far this month. Right now, Picademy’s underway in the office space we’ve got set up as a classroom, and 24 teachers are busy making blooping noises with Sonic... Continue reading

MagPi issue 21 – out now!

Last month’s MagPi fundraiser for a Volume 2 binder was a roaring success: check out how they did on KickStarter. As you’ll know unless you’ve been living in an internet-free commune, The MagPi is the free, monthly Raspberry Pi magazine, created by the Raspberry Pi community. We at the Foundation have no involvement with The... Continue reading

MagPi issue 20 – your free Raspberry Pi magazine, out now

Issue 20, February 2014, of the excellent MagPi Magazine was released this week. I’m completely stealing the editorial by Matt from The MagPi team to introduce this issue (as you may have guessed, Liz is away. And I am not as good as Liz at this. There, I said it :))  Anyway, read The MagPi!... Continue reading

MagPi issue 19 – your free Raspberry Pi magazine, out now

December’s MagPi was released this morning, and it’s full of Christmas cheer. This month you’ll learn how to make your Pi sing carols with Sonic Pi; and you’ll find out about environmental monitoring, so you can keep your electricity bill down without having to turn off the tree lights. We’re very taken by the first... Continue reading

MagPi issue 18 – out now!

Mail from the folks at the MagPi, the free to download magazine for the Raspberry Pi community, written by the Raspberry Pi community. November’s issue is out now. This month’s cover star is Pi NoIR. You’ll learn much more about IR photography with Pi NoIR, find out what you can do with it, and why... Continue reading

The MagPi issue 17, out now

October’s edition of The MagPi, the Raspberry Pi community magazine, which is written, edited and produced by Pi users for Pi users, is available for free download now. If you’re a robotics hobbyist, you’ll find lots to occupy yourself in this month’s issue: there’s a thorough discussion of the BrickPi, a new addon from Dexter... Continue reading

MagPi issue 16: out today!

There are a few changes at the MagPi, the free community magazine about the Raspberry Pi. First of all, you’ll notice they have a new website, with a new and easier layout. And as of today, as many of you have requested, some articles from the magazine are being converted to be readable in HTML... Continue reading

MagPi issue 13: out now, and free to download!

Team MagPi have wiped their bleary eyes after celebrating their first anniversary issue, and have come up with a magazine for June that will have you playing the Archimedes version of Elite on your Pi, writing racing games in Scratch, and making music with Schism. You’ll learn how to solder up a LED matrix, find... Continue reading

A very happy first birthday to The MagPi!

The MagPi is a free magazine made by Raspberry Pi fans for Raspberry Pi fans. It’s the example of just how remarkable the Raspberry Pi community is that we point to most often: volunteer enthusiasts with no publishing experience have been producing a really tight, entertaining, and educational magazine for twelve months now, and it’s... Continue reading