FM Stream: broadcasting local radio to the internet

The Raspberry Pi is being used increasingly in professional products and industrial applications, and this one from Artica and partners is one of most impressive yet. I can’t better their own description of FM Stream as “a beautiful, low cost, carrier grade rack of FM tuners, IP/Internet encoders and broadcasters, using nothing but RaspberryPis, Arduinos,... Continue reading

Radio Lollipop – children’s hospital radio

Back in April, Stewart Priest from Glasgow got in touch with me about an idea he’d had. I’m the Chief Engineer for Radio Lollipop in Glasgow. Radio Lollipop is a charity whose volunteers provide care, comfort, play and entertainment to children in hospital. We’re primarily a play service for inpatients in children’s hospitals, but as... Continue reading

DW radio on coding in schools and Pi

DW Radio in Germany (which is broadcast in the English language) broadcast a short piece on coding in schools in the UK, with emphasis on the Pi. You can listen to it here; it’s well worth six minutes of your time, and it’s just the sort of thing we think parents and educators, here and... Continue reading


Update, Jan 12: Cargo Cult (whose name is actually Adam Foster) found that a lot of people were very interested in this project. Not least, Radio 4. Who interviewed him for the PM programme this afternoon about his hack. You can hear the programme at the PM website – listen now, because I can’t guarantee... Continue reading

Rob Bishop on CBC Radio

When our developer-evangelist Rob Bishop was in Canada recently, he took part in Spark, a radio programme on CBC. You can download the whole episode, or just the Raspberry Pi bit, from their website. Thanks Rob!... Continue reading

Wifi radio

So here I am in the back row of an auditorium in Columbia, SC, rudely blogging away while Eben gives a talk. We’ve got about fifty people in the room here at IT-ology, around half and half students and professionals (not a bad turnout at all, considering that this is the middle of a work... Continue reading