3 years ago

Sonic Pi Essentials

Get the Sonic Pi essentials book to learn more about Sonic Pi 

Learn to code musical masterpieces with the creator of Sonic Pi in our best Essentials e-book yet!

Sam Aaron, the creator of Sonic Pi, has written this book to complement the software’s built-in tutorial and to help you jump-start your live-coding career. The book is packed with fun, instantly rewarding examples designed to highlight many of the amazing things Sonic Pi enables you to do. By the time you’ve finished you’ll be able to code up some phat bass, sparkling synth leads and start practicing for your first live-coding gig…

Live code and craft amazing sounds across 10 chapters, including:

  • Master live loops
  • Build drum breaks
  • Compose your own melodies
  • Make random riffs and loops
  • Learn to shape and sculpt sounds
  • and much, much more…



Click to download this e-book now (4Mb)

Grab your copy from The MagPi app on your favourite Apple or Android device for just £2.99 / $3.99.

Want a new Pi Zero? Check out our latest subs offer!

Want a new Pi Zero? Check out our latest subs offer!

Code Music with Sonic Pi is freely licensed under Creative Commons (BY-SA-NC 3.0).

You can download this eBook free now and forever, but buying in digital supports the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable mission to democratise computing.