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Get a free AIY Projects Voice Kit with The MagPi 57!

Add natural voice interaction to your projects with this exclusive Google kit only available with The MagPi magazine.

We’re extremely excited to share with you the latest issue of The MagPi – The official Raspberry Pi magazine. It’s a very special issue bundled with an exclusive project kit from Google.

Called AIY Projects, the free hardware kit enables you to add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects. The first AIY Projects kits are bundled free with the print edition of The MagPi 57.

What you’ll find inside…

Inside the magazine, you’ll find a Google Voice Hardware Accessory on Top (HAT) accessory board, a stereo microphone Voice HAT board, a large arcade button, and a selection of wires. Last, but certainly not least, you’ll find a custom cardboard case to house it all in.

All you need to add is a Raspberry Pi 3. Then, after some software setup, you’ll have access to the Google Assistant SDK and Google Cloud Speech API.

We’ve got a full breakdown on how to set it all up and get it working inside the magazine. The folks at Google, along with us at The MagPi, are really excited to see what projects you can create (or enhance) with this kit, whether you’re creating a voice controlled robot or a voice interface that answers all your questions. Some Raspberry Pi owners have been building AIY Projects in secret at Hackster, and we have the best voice interaction ideas in the magazine.

On top of this incredible bundle we also have our usual selection of excellent tutorials – such as an introduction to programming with Minecraft Pi, and hacking an Amazon Dash button – along with reviews, project showcases, and our guide to building the ultimate makers’ toolbox.

Create the ultimate makers toolkit and much more this issue

Subscribers should be getting their copies tomorrow but you can also buy a copy in UK stores today including WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda. Copies have been shipped to North America, and are available at Barnes & Noble and other stores. Otherwise, you can get a copy online from The PiHut. Digital versions (without the AIY Projects kit) are available in our Android and iOS app. Finally, there’s the free PDF download.

We really hope you enjoy this issue and make some amazing things with your AIY Projects kit. Let us know what you plan to make on social media, using the hashtag, #AIYProjects or on the Raspberry Pi Forum.

  • Girish Pawar

    getting tool kit is fine,but from where to get codes ???

  • Richard

    Codes? Where we’re going, we don’t need codes.

    Besides, they’ll be in the magazine, or at least links to where to download the right bits.

  • Fernando Serapio

    project samples come inside the magazine

  • John Cartmel

    Anyone know where to buy a copy in Canada? Does Chapters/Indigo have them? Thanks!

  • Can I buy this in India?

  • Josh Hodgson

    Just finished building mine. Really neat! Now to work out how to give it a British accent…

  • Gareth

    Is there anyway this will work with a Pi Zero?

  • Rob Zwetsloot


  • Josh AndroidDeveloper

    Can this project work with my Pi 2?

  • king Ally

    I really like the microphone can that be used alone with raspberry pi zero without the hat.?
    small footprint.

  • David Mason

    You should spell out the privacy implications.

  • king Ally


  • David Mason

    With many cloud based speech APIs all your words are sent to a third party service for processing.

  • Paul Flood

    Is there a place in Berlin to buy this in English?

  • king Ally

    I know, but Did I write something revealing or inappropriate?

  • Rob Zwetsloot


  • John H

    Where can I get this mag in Canada?????

  • David Mason

    Not exactly, but in these times, especially with an open focused kit like the Pi, I think it’s something many people would like to know about in any overview article.

  • Where i can buy this magzine in Portugal?

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    The English version is not available in stores in Germany I’m afraid

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    It’s not available in stores in Canada, but MagPis bought online at The Pi Hut and via a subscription will be posted there

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Unfortunately we don’t sell copies in Portugal but we do ship there from our online store and with the subscription

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    We’ve been told so, although you’ll need to separate the individual connectors

  • Paul Flood

    Rob, that’s OK. Do you know where in Berlin I can buy it in person? I’d just like to get the AIY kit, I can download the english version online.

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    It’s not for sale in stores in India unfortunately, you’ll have to buy it online or get a subscription

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    The AIY kit is not available in Berlin/Germany at all at the moment, only online

  • Paul Flood

    Oh OK, thanks for the info.

  • Chris

    Is there a way of using this kit with an existing Raspbian setup? Rather than using the image file provided?

  • TheDave1022

    Are the copies available at B&N in the USA today? I called a few and nobody seems to have it

  • kenjancef

    Same question here…

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    There should be

  • king Ally

    Yeah true true

  • David

    Out of stock online in UK – do you expect to get more in stock or can you point me to where I can buy one?

  • Scott Moon

    Looks like there are selling opportunities in a bunch of countries 🙂

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Right now you can probably get it via a new subscription however there’s probably still more left in brick-and-mortar stores

  • JohnnyZed

    Do Canadian subscriptions fall under US or “Rest of the World”?

  • king Ally

    Cool I hope so I have really tried adding audio to my project but nothing is seemless.

  • Dave Thacker

    Can’t find any in Barnes and Noble in Omaha. One of them told me that they no longer carry MagPi 🙁

  • Cort

    It took a month to ship them overseas to the US when the pi zero came out with magpi. B&N took down my info and called when it came in. I bought one at pimoroni and it came in before they arrived at B&N…

  • Atahualpa Villadiego

    I just made my subscription! Greetings from Colombia!

  • Simon Dick

    I just bought one from Sainsbury’s this evening. Did only see the one though

  • Umaru!

    Can I get it in Ireland?

  • TheDave1022

    NYC B&N carry the magazine, but they only have issue 55 as of today. Guessing it will be a while before they get 57

  • Grimaldo

    how can I get this thing in México?

  • Will i get the kit if i subscribe today online? (USA)

  • Fernando Antonio

    can send this to mexico?, i’m interested

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    There were some copies set aside for new subscribers but they may possibly have all gone now

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    We can but we’re all sold out at the moment. Sorry!

  • i called local bookstores (Barnes and nobles), May issue won’t arrive for at least a month.
    I guess we’ll have to show patience. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADYYYYY!!! 😛

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    It should be coming much earlier! It should be there today (we’re skipping 56 in the US) but might take another few days

  • thanks for the great news! I’m gonna be on the lookout. Awesome!

  • JT

    Not yet at the Barnes and Noble in the US where I live. Let me clarify…NOT AVAILABLE AT BARNES AND NOBLE CURRENTLY.

  • Jody Ruttan

    I’m in southern Ontario, and Chapters is still carrying issue 55, never mind 57.

  • Mark Castorillo

    Called mine. They said it’ll be available tomorrow.

  • Martin Flores

    How can I get this for our school’s STEM lab? A set of kits for our class would make for a great project for our middle school students!

  • anthony Ortiz

    b&n in Florida and in California have them in stock selling fast .. i got mines in fl and my brothers got his in Santa Clara ca.

  • anthony Ortiz

    b&n in Florida and in California have them in stock selling fast .. i got mines in fl and my brothers got his in Santa Clara ca. awesome. kit

  • Keith SanJose

    Not in Redwood City, CA. They said they don’t get UK magazines in right away, check in a few weeks…

  • anthony Ortiz
  • Jamborello

    Will this work with my Pi B+? I bought this today, but nothing on the cover says it requires a Pi 3.

  • All About Alan

    If i sign up for subscription, would I get issue #57? I checked B&N by me and have not received. Only had 55.

  • Jun Teng

    I want to subscribe 1 year MagPi Magazine, do you ship products to China? I really want this AIY kit and other fancy information about Pi.

  • Alex Padilla

    Where can I get one in California Riverside

  • Alex Padilla

    Did you call or do you go to the store

  • fatlantis

    Any distro in Malaysia?

  • Andrew

    Went to my local b&n in Pittsburgh PA and the still have the March issue out… Not holding out much hope.

  • antquinonez

    What’s a magazine?

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Ancient tech

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    It works with a Pi Zero so should work with B+

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Yes we do!

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Only via subscription

  • Joan Fuentes Hernandez

    mmm If I subscribe today, will I get this issue?

  • Jun Teng

    Good news! Thank you for the reply. Another question, while AIY is working, does it need to access to Google’s services, google is blocked in China. In this case, if there is a solution (for example: proxy workround)?

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Unfortunately not, we’ve run out of new subscriber copies

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Not yet, you’ll probably not be able to get it to work then. Sorry

  • Jun Teng

    By which method the AIY connect to google? I can access to google services using PC, ipad, …

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Check the mag PDF for details on how it does

  • overbyte

    first comment is best comment

  • Abhijit Phondke

    is it available in switzerland?

  • Rafa Moral

    Where can I get one in Madrid, Spain?

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    No, sorry

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    It’s not in stores in Spain I’m afraid

  • Hardcopy blog. Involves words and a press…but not WordPress.

  • Keith SanJose

    Is that from Florida or California?

  • Steve Puddephatt

    Wow! my subscription copy arrived today by parcel delivery! Not so much a Magazine as a box set… Full of goodies. The Physical magazine has these bundles every so often. It even has a big yellow button.I’m in heaven.

  • Maxwell “Max” Weinbach

    Can I use a raspberry pi 1b for the project with the google home, or does it have to be a 3?

  • Patricia Rolón

    How can I get the MagPi in Germany?

  • kenjancef

    I got 2 of them in Rhode Island this afternoon… the B&N in Smithfield. There were actually 4 of them, me and another guy split them… lol

  • Andrew Pope

    Where can I get in Australia/can you send to Australia when more come in stock? Also, when will stocks be replenished?

  • Lưu Hà

    Can I buy this in Hanoi, Viet Nam?

  • Andrew Pope

    Will it come out in Australia? Or alternatively when will online stocks be replenished?

  • Michael

    i clicked buy now but dont see #57 anywhere

  • Paul Roberts

    So the map showing stock locations in UK is totally inaccurate. It’s a MagPi desert here.. just nothing for miles around 😭

  • Erick Benavides Amable

    Como puedo comprar una en México!

  • Colin Fakley

    Barns and Noble in Bethlehem PA has the magazine in stock. It is not on the shelf, so ask.

  • Tavan Hendrick

    Got mine at B&N in US, Holland, MI. They only had #55 on the shelf, but I asked, and they found #57 boxes had just arrived. Be sure to ask at Customer Service. You may need to tell them that starting with #57, they should get theirs on same schedule as UK. Now go make something!

  • socialmediapack

    Sold out around Ipswich in Suffolk.

  • Craig Lewis

    Pontypridd all sold out. Sainsbury’s had 1 copy today (Sunday) – mine now.


    Hi Rob,

    Could you please help me, where i can register to get the AIY voice kit or Which stores it will get in USA @seattle,washington


    Balaji Babu

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Hi Balaji, please check our other blog post about where to get the AIY kit – there’s a map there of US suppliers and the AIY mailing list


    Thanks Rob


    Hi Rob,

    Sorry for the distrub.

    Can you please tell me i will Subscribe today for 1 Year i will get AIY voice kit and Raspberry pi zero both or either one.

    Thanks& Regards
    Balaji Babu

  • Rob Zwetsloot

    Hi Balaji,

    All printed copies of issue 57 have the AIY kit, no exceptions. So if you subscribed to start with 57 for a year you would get both.

    Unfortunately, we’re currently out of issue 57 for new subscribers in the US. Sorry!

  • gards77

    Will it be for sale in Canada?

  • Mike C

    I went to my local B&N yesterday in Chicago and they still had the March issue (#55) on display, not this one (#57).

  • Edgar Kline

    Got mine today UPS from the B&N in Gaithersburg, MD. Woohoo! So happy to find it. Time to get making!


  • Just finished building mine. Really neat! Now to work out how to give it a British accent…

  • Tony Sun

    when can we buy this independently without buying a copy of the magazine?

  • I LOVE the idea of this but I really wish more copies were availble. I checked three different B&Ns in Manhattan and they are sold out. I’d order from PiHut but they are sold out, too. I even asked if PiHut would be getting more copies in and they said they were waiting for news from their supplier. I looked on eBay but the cheapest I could find was around $50 after including shipping. This is frustrating because I want to give the MagPi folks my money but I can’t because their are no copies available.

    If the parts were available in a separate kit for the cost of the magazine, that would be really great because then we could get the parts and download the free PDF of the magazine. That way it would practically be the same experience.

  • don kasprzak

    I have one, and it works fine! Gives me the weather, knows my name, gives me the fastest work route and more!

  • don kasprzak

    It can be a GPIO pi 1, not a horsehead (thats what they really call the non-GPIO pi 1s) or any other pi with GPIO.

  • Rainer Krugmann

    You can order the Magazin and a view days later it arrives (via air mail) in germany (like I do).

  • Chuy Sanchez

    I got the project working but when I ask it to play a song it says I don’t have a default music provider setup on Google home. How can I install Google home to the box? On my phone it works great… Also, how can I control a chrome cast with the box?

  • John Alex Agudelo Galeano

    Can I buy this in Colombia?

  • Anam Ahmad

    When will the magazine + kit be available in India?

  • Linh Nguyen

    Is it opensource hardware project? Where I can get the schematic for hardware. I’m living in Vietnam, too hard to get one. So I would like to make it myself. Thanks.

  • Carl Alexander

    How can I tell you what I plan to make if I can’t get my hands on either the Free Kit or the Magazine?

  • Called AIY Projects, the free hardware kit enables you to add voice interaction to your Raspberry Pi projects. The first AIY Projects kits are bundled free with the print edition of The MagPi 57.

  • Saurabh Rahatekar

    How can i get the magpi in india?

  • Xavier Domeniconi

    On which site you can download the image of the sd card for the raspberry pi 3

  • Lucas Williams

    Does the voice recognition work offline?

  • sumeet

    yes plz tell me…is there a way to get this kit in india i would love to experiment it!

  • Ammar Bin Ashraf

    when this avialable again ?

  • Lee Parsons

    The magpi magazine don’t bother to reply back to messages you send them. Poor service

  • Ian Hollis

    Squiggly marks made on flat sheets of compressed wood pulp. Such marks can be region or tribe specific and usually only decipherable by those inducted into the ancient lore of “reading”. Truly learned “scribes” have toiled over modern and ancient squiggles and produced a compendium called a “dictionary” to help lesser readers decipher arcane meanings.

    Some old and worn magazines are cherished for their ancient wisdom and long forgotten rituals.

    Thus endeth the lesson 😉

  • Nico

    Hi all, does somebody who has bought could test it on Kalliope assistant project?
    I’m looking for something like this for this project but I would like to be sure it’s working before.
    Thank you very much !

  • Libby

    Those greater scribes never saw the ‘Electronic Reader’ or Books on Tape coming!
    Bah humbug to your squiggly marks! I’ll go watch the movie. Mwahahaha!
    I did find your comment rather amusing. 🙂

  • Libby


  • Libby

    Yes, it works with the KAP. In fact, most Voice-activated programs will work if they’re Linux based or compatible with the operating system your running on your Pi. Hope that helps.

  • Phillip Morris

    Tried to get a copy #Issue 57 after requesting to reserve…impossible as returned copies went this evening in under 30 mins ,by the time I saw notice All Gone !! Can you help ??

  • Some Raspberry Pi owners have been building AIY Projects in secret at Hackster, and we have the best voice interaction ideas in the magazine.

  • Bruiser in Houston

    A magazine is a three-and-a-half century old hardcopy publication, distributed on a periodic basis (also why it is called a periodical). Magazines are usually tailored to special interests.