Today we’ve all been running around like squirrels preparing for winter, trying to get organised for a visit from the fella on the right of the picture below, who is holding the Raspberry Pi. We made it in the end: the office is tidy, there are cupcakes, and we’re all wearing name badges and sweating... Continue reading
You probably didn’t realise this, but up until now, we haven’t had an office to work from. We’ve been completely virtual: I work from the study at home, we’ve got some space at the University Computer Laboratory in Cambridge which we use for meetings with visitors, there’s a small electronics lab in our house, Jack... Continue reading
Networked scanners are another one of those things that are simply incomprehensibly pricey; a quick search just turned up tens of devices which are selling for more than £900. And you don’t buy ease of use with that money: if you’re working in an office with people who aren’t very comfortable around computers, these machines... Continue reading