Research and Insights

Digital making is a fast-moving and exciting field. It’s important to us that we ask the right questions to understand how people are learning and developing their skills with new initiatives, approaches, and technologies. This research helps us, our partners, and our friends to provide the best opportunities with the biggest potential impact for the people we work with.

Research at the Raspberry Pi Foundation is all about asking the right questions to better understand what we do. When something works well, we want to find out why so we can repeat our success. When something is a challenge, we want to learn from it to tackle such difficulties in the future. Sometimes this means drawing from what other people have done before, sometimes it means examining what’s happening now, and sometimes it means trying out something new to see how it works.

As we know from the digital making community, sharing what you learn and learning from others are really powerful tools. Here we’re sharing the research that we’ve learned from, so that other people can also use these insights to shape the work they do to create learning opportunities for others. Future publications will include reports on what we’ve learned from our programmes, the knowledge and understanding we’ve gathered to better understand digital making, and contributions from others who are also working in this area.