Compute Module IO Board V1

The Compute Module IO Board V1 is a development board for those who wish to make use of the Raspberry Pi in a more flexible form factor, intended for industrial applications. The IO board V1 was made for the CM1.

The compute module contains the guts of a Raspberry Pi (the BCM2835 processor and 512MB RAM) as well as a 4GB eMMC Flash device (which is the equivalent of the SD card in the Pi). The accompanying IO Board is a simple, open-source breakout board that you can plug a Compute Module into. The board hosts 120 GPIO pins, an HDMI port, a USB port, two camera ports and two display ports. Designing the module into a custom system should be relatively straightforward as we’ve put all the tricky bits onto the module itself, and you have the freedom to add extra components and place parts exactly where your product needs them.

The compute module is available for purchase in single units, or in batches of hundreds or thousands.

The Compute Module IO Board V1 was replaced by the Compute Module IO Board V3 in January 2017.

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