Apocalypse Toolkit

Only you can save us!

In an effort to help your Pioneers get to grips with some of the tools they can use to fend off the coming apocalypse, we present to you our Only You Can Save Us activity sheets. They can be undertaken individually or as a set, and have no particular order.

While these are good starter projects to build teamwork and confidence, they are intended only to impart a few basic skills relevant to the theme. A Pioneers make can definitely use these skills as a basis, but should expand and build upon them to make something really awesome.

Google Maps
In this starter skill activity, you can go online and learn how to create custom maps and markers using Google Maps, Trinket, and a bit of HTML code. Kit needed: A PC/Mac or Raspberry Pi Computer plus peripherals and an internet connection.

Camera Module
This skill activity shows you how to connect the Raspberry Pi Camera Module to your Raspberry Pi Computer and have it recording pictures and video using a few short lines of code. Kit needed: A Raspberry Pi Computer plus peripherals and a Raspberry Pi Camera Module attachment.

GPS Dongle
In this skill activity you will learn how to connect a widely available USB GPS module to your Raspberry Pi. Kit needed: A Raspberry Pi Computer plus peripherals and a GPS dongle.