1 year ago

Raspberry Pi Zero photo gallery

Glamour shots and comparisons for the smallest computer around - the Raspberry Pi Zero!

Want to gaze at pictures of the Raspberry Pi Zero? We’ve got a whole page of them for you here. Remember, you can learn more about the Raspberry Pi Zero in The MagPi 40, where we’re giving away a free Raspberry Pi Zero with every issue!













  • WuSiYu

    It looks very good

  • Tovar

    I love it, the lack of more USB ports might be an obstacle.

  • Skilled people can make magic with these 🙂

  • wonda

    should have spent 5 bucks more… 9.99 pie, with a built in wifi chip. How hard could it have been? These are kinda useless without a internet connection, with only one usb after the power goes in, leaves it open for mouse and keyboard or unplug that and put the wireless adapter in it… that is after you buy another adapter from micro usb to usb A/B type. Sigh. But I guess you could shell into it from another computer but… kinda takes the fun away.

  • There are really nice USB hubs that include an ethernet port,
    or you could plug in a tiny WiFi USB fob for hardly anything.
    There are also USB OTG hubs that can be used to power plus still operate as a USB hub.

  • Steffen Roller

    Get a Pi2 if you don’t like the small brother

  • Shayan Ali Bhatti

    Why is there no bottom view of the board ?

  • Type Author

    it’s has nothing to do with liking or hating it, i too wish they could come with wifi already.

  • Chance

    I have several of these and LOVE them, I have them set up as media players with OSMC and have them mounted inside older TV’s and now everyone in the house has a HUGE selection of what to watch.
    I am working on one now that is completely solar powered (With a 5k mAh battery backup for night time) with a 7 inch LCD screen which is also solar powered – too cool.