2 years ago

YouTube Drone: packs a SixFab 4G board to broadcast video

Drone with on-board data connection can broadcast live video anywhere in the world

This Drone project broadcasts video directly to YouTube Live thanks to an on-board Raspberry Pi and SixFab IoT Shield Family.

When the drone is in the air, you can watch the video feed on your mobile phone via YouTube. It also broadcasts the video to anybody in the world.

The drone is being remote controlled. The Raspberry Pi is handling the video broadcasting. It looks like a fairly simple build, but the interesting bit is putting a Raspberry Pi with Camera Module on a drone and using it to live broadcast over a data network.

Building a YouTube Drone

It uses a SixFab Raspberry Pi IoT Shield Family. This project is currently running on Kickstarter and brings 4G/LTE to the Raspberry Pi. This makes it possible to connect the Raspberry Pi to a mobile data network.

YouTube Drone

“The Sixfab Raspberry Pi IoT Shield Family was made specifically to add connectivity to your IoT projects,” says the KickStarter page. “You can now connect wherever and whenever without the need for a wifi network or ethernet cables. With our added capabilities, the IoT Shield Family will also work with other devices, not only the Raspberry Pi. This Kickstarter will allow even a beginner to enter the Internet of Things universe easily and efficiently with easy-to-use interfaces and instructions. We’ve also made all software open source, embracing the maker spirit. ”

There’s more information on the equipment at the Sixfab Kickstarter page.