7 months ago

Windows 10 reported to be available for Raspberry Pi!

Unofficial installer for Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi reported to be available.

Windows 10 on Pi!

We never thought we’d ever see the day that full Windows would be available for Raspberry Pi. While you’ve been able to install Windows 10 IoT for a few years now, it’s a far cry from the full Windows desktop experience.

A simple installer

Unofficial for now

This unofficial Windows on ARM project lets you install an ARM64 version of Windows 10 to a Raspberry Pi 3/3B+/3A+ with very little hassle. The WoA installer uses some other files to create an SD card on your Windows 10 machine that you can then plug into your Pi.

Be aware though, we’re unsure of the legality of this project at the time and we’ve not had a proper chance to give it a go yet, but look forward to a guide and other coverage of it in future issues of The MagPi, and here on our blog.

Editor’s note. Several readers have raised the point that there is no official means to get hold of a Windows 10 for ARM installer.  Microsoft is working with manufacturers to build Windows 10 ARM devices; and has this Windows 10 on ARM guidance for developers. The only way to get Windows 10 for ARM at the moment seems to be with a machine pre-installed with the OS.

In the absence of a legal route to installation, we have opted to remove the link from this story and suggest our readers steer clear of this Windows 10 on Pi installation.