2 weeks ago

Win! Retro Gaming Bundle and SNES-style Game Pads

We’ve got Three Raspberry Pi 3 Retro Gaming Bundles up for grabs (worth £65 each).

Not only that, 15 lucky runners-up will get a SNES-style Raspberry Pi Game Pads

These great prizes are courtesy of The Pi Hut.

Win a Retro Gaming Bundle

The Raspberry Pi makes the ideal Retro Gaming console. Pi Hut’s Retro Gaming Bundle has everything you need to build retro console. It comes with a Raspberry Pi 3 board, Black case, 16GB Micro SD Card, Official Raspberry Pi power supply, HDMI Cable and two SNES-style Game Pads.

Win! Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Bundles and SNES-style Game Pads

  • devansh rathor

    Excited for winning this bundle!!!

  • Fernando Serapio

    me too!

  • Krishean Draconis

    I don’t have a facebook account and I’m not comfortable giving them my info, hopefully 5 entries is enough. Other contests don’t require you to sign in to visit the facebook page.

  • Etta Spangler

    Anyone else having an issue entering their birth date? I entered it in the format shown and it is still highlighted red and won’t allow me to continue

  • Varul Dragos

    hope I win

  • yvsaimadhav

    I cannot download the app since I don’t have the iPhone

  • Elizabeth Patterson

    did you use the forward slash ( by the question mark)?

  • Martin Perreau-Saussine

    It has to be the same one as your twitter account

  • samred

    Ah, I hadn’t entered a birthday on twitter.

  • samred

    Still not working and yes I am using the correct slash

  • samred

    Figured it out. Day first 🤦

  • David Jerome

    I have had a lot of fun with the Raspberry Pis from version 2 up and have set up a few media centres based on Kodi. It has gotten me back into C++ coding!
    Really hate the bad press given to the RPi and Kodi by the greedy practices of people promoting piracy by dodgy marketing “Get the latest episodes of …..” and that sort of nonsense.
    Going to mess about with RetroPi next on my list of things to do.

  • Lord Minty

    So you’re giving Apple iOS users preferential treatment by allowing them an additional entry?

  • SYAStudio

    Click on the button, you’ll have a surprise! 😛

  • Ben Simmons

    It’s just the logo and offers me the Google Play option.

  • NicolasL

    Well done ! 6 points more 😉 thanks MagPi

  • Antonio Mendoza

    I hate FB, and I’m not going to create an account for the sake of +1 point… So only getting 5 out of 6, and so it will be forever. 🙁

  • Philip Neeves

    Ha ha feel so pumped want to win this so badly – 6 outta 6 baby

  • Brad Nupen

    Not working for me either, entered my birth date in the proper format and it is still red

  • XiaoShiZi

    Great prices 4 my 45’th birthday on 9/9 🤙

  • samred

    Did you put the day first? That was my issue.

  • DougieL

    It’s a bit unfair for folks who refuse to be assimilated by the Faceborg. I only get five entries.

  • Steve

    Would love to win this 🙂

  • Bluekirby

    Wouldn’t those be Famicom Controllers, SNES had purple and blue buttons Famicom had multicolor buttons

  • David Boyd

    Kinda weird to read all of the complaints in the comment section – “I’m not going to use…” and “I don’t have an Iphone” or “I hate FB…” You all sound spoiled and childish, like whiny entitled kids. Either enter a competition or don’t, but don’t whine about not wanting to comply with the rules of a contest. Be grateful or move on…

  • David Boyd

    ok, so you still get several entries…

  • Lucky Cal

    Awesome giveaway for a retro gaming fan! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Loretta Meesenburg

    thanks for the opportunity

  • Roberto Silva