6 months ago

Win a Raspberry Pi 3 with an official case signed by Eben Upton [CLOSED]

Win this incredibly rare Raspberry Pi 3 & Official case signed by the creator of the Raspberry Pi

This is your chance to win an incredibly rare prize! We have ten Raspberry Pi 3 boards to give away, with official cases signed by none other than Raspberry Pi creator, Eben Upton. So enter today to win a Raspberry Pi signed by Eben.

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most important computers in the world. Owning a model with a case signed by its creator will make you the envy of Raspberry Pi fans everywhere.

Win one of 10 Raspberry Pi 3s signed by Eben Upton

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  • Brandon Ginn

    It will be glorious when I win!! Muahahahaha!

  • The glory shall be mine, I tell ye!

  • Erik Wiemann

    I have faith in the Force! I will be victorious…

  • Brandon Ginn

    Preposterous! I shall write a program in Visual Basic to trace thy IP! Thou shalt go down! (I’m bad at this hehehe)

  • Visual Basic? Ha! Maybe you need glasses to C# that I am indeed the WinRAR!

  • Melanie Berrigan

    for the win…

  • Peter Wettergreen

    I need this to add to my collection.
    Below is my Raspberry Pi 3 signed by Vint Cerf (actual inventor of internet).


  • Orhan Cakir

    Really, I want this..

  • George

    I don’t own a Pi but would love to

  • Brandon Ginn

    Pew pew pew!!!!!

  • Brandon Ginn

    Al gore invented the internet, you nut!

  • Jon Lee

    Id love to add this to my pi collection

  • John Kelly

    If I win, I will donate it to my 9-year-old nephew, Thomas, who is just having a bone marrow transplant and will be off school in isolation until after Christmas. I am hoping to get him up to scratch on Scratch, and then encourage him further into coding. If I don’t win I will get him one anyway. 🙂

  • John Kelly

    How do I enter the competition for the Eben Upton Raspberry Pi?

  • Guru

    Wow !! waiting

  • ashton moody napier

    no he didn’t

  • Agung Suryawan

    It will be my first Raspberry Pi, I would like to learn new knowledge with it.

  • Angelos Psillas

    If this is an authentic signature, i can use it to increase his income by forgery.

  • David John Sloan

    If I win I will set up the Raspberry Pi 3 as a minecraft server for my son who absolutely loves minecraft.

  • Anastasios Selalmazidis

    Home entertainment center for my family !!!!

  • Ian Morrow

    This would be nice to get !!!!! Fingers crossed

  • Temimi Saif

    asterisk on pi 3 woow !! 😀

  • sportsnapper

    Why is the date in American format?????

  • Richard Cruz

    I would so drop into Linux and make the Pi my own!

  • If I win I would “combine” my existing Pi2 with the won P3 to get more and different jobs done at the same time! 😉

  • pv

    The best prize would be if The MagPi were to be sold at retail outlets Canada. I know 75% of us live within 100 miles of the US border, but that’s a long drive to pick up a copy of a magazine, and the border is getting more and more difficult to cross.

  • Ian Hollis

    This would find a home within my Pi-Top laptop. A wonderful alternative to Wintel laptops and it gives up to 15 hours on a full charge. Absolutely love Pixel.

  • chewyland

    Hello from Bulgaria, if I win this Pi I promise to donate it to the local school in Nesebar.

  • Ulisses Lopes

    I’ll build a long waiting project of a Dash Cam Computer to track everything that happends to my car. Day and night watch; track record; speed record; etc.

  • Took me ages to realise why I couldn’t enter. This is the trouble with placeholders in input boxes, they’re really not very useful when after you’ve begun entering text.

  • Lee Parsons

    It wont accept my dob. How can i enter then? I beleive it doesn’t like chrome browser.

  • mariuskoch

    One can never have too many pi boards…

  • Just ask the AXIS

    Best wishes to Thomas. Perhaps I’ll get him one also, for his networking ventures.

  • doc

    After I win I will auction it off to the highest bidder. Cha Ching $$$$ Muahahahaha!

  • John Kelly

    Very kind. He is in isolation at the moment so it is very restrictive as to what he can do. Hopefully, if all goes well…

  • Wyatt Wong

    This is the biggest joke that Al Gore said he invented the Internet.

  • Wyatt Wong

    I have the same question too !

  • Jimmy Thompson

    How “invented the internet” got started, I don’t know. What I do know is Al Gore was a major factor in pushing for the funding of the original Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) program sometimes called ARPANet. When I worked at Eglin AFB sometime in 1971-74, we participated in doing some “load leveling” among the AFSC sites with CDC 6000 computers. Eglin, Wright-Patt, Kirtland, Edwards an others used ARPANet to send jobs from overloaded systems to those with time available. The whole thing was quite rudimentaryy, but worked.

  • Pedro Luis Boll Lugo

    Well, I live in a country that doesn’t allow me to get a Pi (not even a Zero) because you cannot obtain foreign exchange freely… I would love to win it to teach with it in my university, colleges and Makers events and empower people using this beautiful piece of technology.

    Sorry for my potato English

  • Pedro Luis Boll Lugo

    Well, I live in a country that doesn’t allow me to get a Pi (not even a Zero) because you cannot obtain foreign exchange freely… I would love to win it to teach with it in my university, colleges and Makers events and empower people using this beautiful piece of technology.

    PD: Sorry for my potato English

  • Bill Bathke

    I’ll get in on this – if I win, it’s your nephew’s – God grant him a great recovery!

  • John Kelly

    Thanks Bill, much appreciated.

  • TrevorH

    He was a co-inventor of TCP/IP. He did not invent the Internet.

  • Grumbler

    When I was at Elgin (1961-1965) we were working with TCP/IP. ARPANet (DARPA) was already a part the picture. This was considerably pre-Gore. Our computers at the time were IBM 1401s, 1410s, 7090 and 7094. Plus a 650 on its way to full retirement. We were not yet shipping workloads to underutilized systems.

  • Ron Asselstine

    Twice I subscribed and I still have 0 entries. I guess they aren’t using a MagPi to collect entries

  • John Dough


  • Brandon Ginn

    It was supposed to be a joke when I said it, too.. hehehe

  • Ghydda

    Senator Ted Stevens claims it is “a series of tubes”

  • Vjj Ryg

    I live in a country in which I am not able to find it anywhere. I love things related to technology as it is my hobby to collect things like of latest technology and raspberry pi is like best mini pc and want to win this.
    Hope you get success in further projects.

  • Matha Goram

    How come you left out the IBM 1620! 🙂 And then there was the IBM 1800 for the process control “nuts.” Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  • Almaz

    Hi all! With Rpi 2 for test purposes I sucessfully created sms notifier, vpn client on openswan (rpi + cisco vpn), web tool on spring mvc(tomcat + java+pi4j) to manage power for led. With rpi3 we might create controller for wifi APs, hotspot for WiFi like on mikrotik,create controller for 3d printer, or POS terminals. So Good luck all!

  • Techno

    May the one who needs it badly win 🙂

  • ArcAiN6 .

    so who won?? I can’t find the list of winners anywhere…..

  • Joris Hines

    Retired AutoCAD and disabled veteran… must have the Pi. Really been struggling, fighting the V.A. for 10 1/2 years and counting. Sure would be nice to have something like this. Certainly would make life more fun. Best of luck to the winner.

  • Cristobaldelicia

    Of course. Did you think DARPA just magically got funding each year? There was a good chance that the project would have lost it’s funding without Gore. Why are you trying so hard to discredit Gore’s contribution? That kind of thinking got us W. and the Iraq war(s).

  • Cristobaldelicia

    So instead we got W. and the Iraq War. Arguably better security and intelligence would have prevented 9/11 as well. The biggest joke? I’m not laughing.

  • Cristobaldelicia

    n. The quality that makes something laughable or amusing; funniness: could not see the humor of the situation.
    n. That which is intended to induce laughter or amusement: a writer skilled at crafting humor.
    n. The ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing, comical, incongruous, or absurd.
    from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition