5 months ago

Thync: commercial smart calendar built with Pi Zero

Vitec GmbH is hoping to sell a smart calendar with a Raspberry Pi at its heart. By Lucy Hattersley

Smart Calendar Thync 

Smart calendars are a hugely popular Raspberry Pi project, but not everybody wants to make their own. Some people just want to buy things. Thync is a commercial smart calendar project with Raspberry Pi at its heart.

Vitec GmbH V is hoping to bring a Raspberry Pi-based calendar device to the masses is its Smart Calendar with Thync.

Says Marc Roset, CEO and Founder of Vitec GmbH:

“Managing the daily schedule, full of appointments and tasks, is a nightmare for most families. Many businessmen and professionals find the compatibility of work and family calendars almost impossible.”

Smart calendar Thync built with Raspberry Pi

The Smart Calendar Thync supports the synchronisation and connection of up to five different appointment calendars. Inside the case is a Raspberry Pi Zero W powered by a battery, running a 10.1-inch TFT display.

Interestingly, the Smart Calendar Thync features a gesture sensor interface. “This allows you to quickly and easily switch back and forth by moving your hand. A short upward movement allows you to display further information about your current function,” says Marc.

“The simplest way is set up the product is via our app [Android and iOS]. We don’t use voice control for our product because a lot of people fear that other people can hear what they are saying.”

Thync printed circuit board

Inside the Smart Calendar is a custom circuit board with a Pi Zero mounted on top of it

Light sensing calendar

The Smart Calendar Thync also features an ambient light sensor, which measures the brightness of the surrounding area, regulates the brightness, and optimises energy usage.

Users are able to mount the Smart Calendar Thync on a wall or use the stand to place it on a flat surface. A Kickstarter campaign for Smart Calendar Thync can be found here.