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Super Tinytendo Case

This SNES case is no ordinary retro throwback

In issue 68 we reviewed the Kintaro NES case – a simple concept that’s been done by many folk with access to a 3D printer, although it had the neat little gimmick of a flip-up cart-slot that gave you access to the USB ports on the Raspberry Pi.

This article first appeared in The MagPi 70 and was written by Rob Zwetsloot

On the outside, the Super Tinytendo looks pretty basic in comparison – especially at the price tag of £27. However, it hides a big surprise: a fully functional case fan. This may not sound like much, and it probably won’t help you in your quest to create the perfect tiny retro console, but it’s a rare thing for a Pi case to include one. It connects very simply with a little plug over a couple of GPIO pins, with vents along the bottom to allow air flow.

Easy fitting

Otherwise, fitting the Raspberry Pi inside the case is very straightforward. Four sturdy screws keep both parts of the case together, and removing them reveals an obvious recess for the Pi to sit in. It can be then screwed down to the bottom of the case, although you will need to provide the screws for this yourself. It will stay in place without these screws, but it’s not particularly sturdy.

Access to power and AV ends up at the rear of the case, as on a classic SNES, with the USB ports exposed on the side of the case for controllers.

The original American version comes with a power LED that’s missing from the UK version, although it does make it easier to set up because of this.

The case itself is created from injection moulding and is pretty sturdy because of it. The Power and Reset buttons from the original SNES are lovingly recreated, although they’re unusable and serve as a reminder that this is the ugly, purple-and-grey American SNES body and not the classic, sleek European one.

Still, transatlantic aesthetics aside, it is a pretty nice case, although one that might actually end up being more useful for people that regularly push the Pi to the limit and need some extra ventilation options.

Last word


A great, sturdy case with surprisingly good ventilation options that make it useful beyond its intended retro gaming applications.