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Starter kits: new Pi Zero W kits and HATs from Pimoroni

New digital maker starter kits from Pimoroni make Pi Zero W electronics easy


Pimoroni has released four new project starter kits for the new Raspberry Pi Zero W computer. The components are now available separately.
Four new kits have been released by Pimoroni:

  • Pirate Radio
  • Scroll Bot
  • Mood Light
  • Starter Kit

Pimoroni has also released four new hats for the Pi Zero W (two of which are in the starter kits):

  • pHAT BEAT: 16 LEDs and 6 control buttons for controlling audio.
  • Scroll pHAT HD: 119 white LEDs with full power management for creating animations and scrolling text.
  • Four Letter pHAT: Four 14-segment displays that you can use to display text, numbers, and a host of other characters.
  • Touch pHAT: six capacitive touch buttons, each with a bright white LED, designed to be completely agnostic about what they’re used for.

Starter kits for Pi Zero W

Pimoroni Pirate Radio Starter Kit

Pimoroni Pirate Radio Starter Kit

The pHAT Beat and Scroll pHAT are also found in new starter kits from Pimoroni.

Each kit contains a Pi Zero W computer and GPIO pin header. They require some basic soldering to fix the GPIO pins to the Pi Zero W. After that you get an interesting build to make.

“We knew as soon as we heard about the Pi Zero W that its features would make IoT projects so much more approachable” said Paul Beech, Pimoroni Co-Founder. “These kits are made to appeal to everyone, to inspire people to try IoT, crafting, and soldering.”

The Starter Kit contains a Raspberry Pi, SD Card, Pibow case and Pimoroni Blinkt! LED strip.

A Mood Light Kit comes with a Pimoroni Unicorn pHAT (a grid of 32 programmable RGB Neoplixel LEDs) and a Mood light stand.

Pimoroni Mood Light Starter Kit

Pimoroni Mood Light Starter Kit

The Scroll Bot Kit comes with a Pimoroni Scroll pHAT HD and Robot stand.

Finally, the Pirate Radio Kit comes with a pHAT Beat DAC, 3W speaker and Radio stand.

More information can be found on the Pimoroni website .