10 months ago

Raspberry Shake upgrades to 4D in new Kickstarter

The Raspberry Pi seismograph add-on is being upgraded into the new Raspberry Shake 4D with your help

You may remember the Raspberry Shake, a successfully crowdfunded add-on for the Raspberry Pi that allows you to keep track of ground movements, like earthquakes. We had them in the magazine recently and you can look forward to more from them in a future mag as well, however right now they need your help.

There’s a new Raspberry Shake in town, the Raspberry Shake 4D. It’s more powerful than the original Raspberry Shake, with more sensitive equipment on the same sleek board. It’s also being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, and while it launched today, it’s already been funded, so now’s a great time to jump onboard and get one for yourself when they’re made!

Check out the Kickstarter now to see all the changes to the new board, and to maybe show your support.