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Raspberry Pi Zero out now. Get yours free with The MagPi #40!

The brand new miniature Raspberry Pi Zero is here and it does everything a Raspberry Pi does best. Get yours free with every printed issue…

For the past week we’ve been teasing a big reveal in The MagPi 40, with people guessing it might be free stickers, free t-shirts or even just a punnet of free fresh raspberries. Some of you got close though; in issue 40 of The MagPi, we’re announcing a brand new Raspberry Pi!

And this brand new Raspberry Pi Zero is attached to the cover of The MagPi, free.

Send us your comparison pics!

Send us your comparison pics!

The Raspberry Pi Zero is actually faster than the first Raspberry Pi despite being nearly three times smaller!

We are proud and ecstatic to be the very first magazine in the world s put an actual computer on the cover. Not only that, but we also have over 30 pages of articles dedicated to this incredible $5 computer. A $5 computer that is more powerful than the original Raspberry Pi.

We hear from Eben Upton and Mike Stimson on the creation of the Pi Zero, we teach you how to set it up and we also have a load of tutorials and project ideas to get you started using your Pi Zero straight away.

Looking for cables for your new Pi Zero? You can buy a cable bundle (mini-HDMI and a micro-USB adapter) for £4 from the Swag Store. Alternatively, subscribe to The MagPi in the next thirty days and get your cable bundle free!

There's more to 40 than Pi Zero

There’s more to #40 than Pi Zero

Even though Pi Zero-mania is running wild on The MagPi, we also have a huge feature on Astro Pi, with an indepth look into Astro Pi, the Sense HAT and Principia Mission as Tim Peake’s launch into space is imminent. Alongside that, we have some of the Make resources from the Raspberry Pi website in print form that can help you learn how to use the Sense HAT, and make some fun games with it.

Of course we also have our usual slate of reviews, news, tutorials and projects. Get The MagPi 40 today from your local newsagent of supermarket, grab it online from the Swag Store or download it with our app to Android or iOS.

Oh, and from everyone on the team, we really hope you enjoy your free Raspberry Pi Zero! Here’s a message from Eben:

You can view more pictures in our Raspberry Pi Zero gallery!

  • MIRO

    Sold out… :/

  • Compact

    Does this magazine sell in shops such as WHSmiths?

  • Compact

    As Miro says Out of Stock already…… Will there be anymore?

  • Sascha Vogelgesang

    Will this MagPi be available in Germany?

  • MIRO

    Or in Croatia? 🙂

  • Santiago Legaspi

    Que ya no estan disponibles alguien sabe cuando de nuevo van a tener en existencia?

  • darek

    Please send some #40 magpi in Croatia 🙂

  • Dean Woodyatt

    G’day. Can one find these in retail shops around the planet

  • Mike Redrobe

    Yes, and ASDA

  • Márcio Soares

    Were can I buy this Magazine in Portugal?

  • Peter Kelm

    Already sold out… will there be more… in Germany?

  • IndoKop

    Sold Out :(. I would love to ship to Indonesia

  • Xavier Dupond

    Please send some #40 magpi in France 🙂

  • John Bell

    Please could you send some magpi magazine to Barnsley.
    I am a 59 year old looking to get back into computing & electronics.

  • Green advocator

    Would it be available for the South African Market too?

  • Joe Pellegrino

    Where can you find one in the UK?

  • david

    Where sells them in the uk?

  • Soporte Unicatalunya

    How do I get the magazine in Colombia?

  • Vorastra

    Seriously, you guys should make a push in South Africa and offer them officially. Partner up with universities here and get them distributed to CS students. We would love to get our hands on these.

  • Cauê Carvalho

    Hello, I Live in Brazil, how can I buy this Magazine’s Edition?

  • Stuart McFarlane

    WHSmiths nor ASDA sell it, at least none of my local stores do.

  • Chris Armour

    Don’t forget Canada! We like our Raspberry Pies too!! 🙂

  • Andrej

    I desperately need one – amazing times! Anyone an idea where to get the magazine in Germany, Netherlands, or Austria?

  • Peter_Pedro

    Just check ebay

  • Carl Benson

    nothing on ebay yet

  • Roy

    I want to buy a issue of this! /Sweden

  • Ayan Debnath

    Wish I could buy one/two, but I am from India, not available 🙁

  • CryptoCyborg

    want a copy!–Sweden!

  • Ben Simmons

    Yey, seems all the shops around here and from talk in other places too, people have bought the magazine in bulk and so stripped the shops in one go.
    How many magazines does one person need to read 🙁

    Please don’t put free stuff on the front again, people have just used them as a quick cheap way of getting a lot of them in one go, ignoring the distribution of the magazine to many people itself.

    My son was looking forward to the to the SenseHAT section as we’ve just got one and print is just easier to follow sometimes than at a screen, even for a youngster.
    Guess it’s PDF time again.

  • Els De Mey

    Can i buy this magazine in Belgium?

  • Ljubomir Mateljan

    Yes, we want some!

  • Markus Martius

    Can it be purchased anywhere in Australia?

  • tof

    And some of those people, who bought magazines in bulk, do already sell the PI Zero on ebay for 20€… :/

  • Michał Bjr

    can i buy this magazine in Poland ???or can you sen me one

  • Michał Bjr


  • Ben Simmons

    Loads on eBay UK too and people are actually bidding on them. Guess buy all 5 on the shelves and sell the 5th for £25+ to cover your money. Hope they actually donate it to MagPI/RPi foundation. Doubt it though.

  • Hammadi Ilyes

    is the MagPi available in Algeria ??

  • Falk M.

    LOL I just checked eBay and… to save everyone frustration: Just don’t do it.

  • Dave

    YES SIR ,we need the magazine here in colombia.

  • Michael Louw

    how can i get my hands on one of these in South Africa????

  • vichy

    is the the magpi #40 avilable in France ?

  • Jeremiah C

    All in uk have been stripped and being resold on ebay. This is a very rude way for raspberrypi to say something exist but just creat and over priced black market. No one who actually wants one can get one. The map of whsmiths is fake since they didnt even get them. Only 1 shop got them and was stripped for resell. What a joke. Every ones a loser here. How can they claim this a success in any way?

  • In Belfast

    The magazines are being stripped in store? Bad show from the customers, but you can’t blame the publication itself.

    “They were giving away showing nice for free, but a large number of people also liked the look of it and swooped in before me”.

  • In Belfast

    Don’t blame the publication for free market behaviour.

    If the Pi Zero costs as much as the magazine, they’re putting themselves out there for the customer remember.

    If you try to buy a Zero from the recommended resellers, you may find that they too are all sold out, sans magazine.

  • In Belfast

    I checked in my nearest large Tesco in Belfast, they’re still selling issue 39.

  • Jeremiah C

    Yes you can blame. It was never going to go any other way. If you have a limited run but anounce it as a give away. Then only send it to several locations this is what always happens they created a frenzy. I may think by design. They anounced it. Knowing it wont even exist in anyones location. Im in england however even that didnt help since it was only sent to 1 location in my city and that was stripped. Its november and i cant get decembef issue? If they wanted to do it right knowing a limited run the would have sold it only online and only 1 per address. So everyone would have an actual chance. What they have done here is wrong. And i beleieved was planned this way to over creat a desire for something.

  • Jeremiah C

    Also its not customes who stripped. It was people cashing in on what should be illegal reselling for an outragous price. This was no mistake or bad luck in missing out.

  • Jeremiah C

    Read all the poeple asking is it here or there. The answer is no. No its not. It wont be and never was going to be. There is no free give away. This is a rude stunt.

  • In Belfast

    It’s a magazine that a lot of people wouldn’t have bought of if they didn’t hear about it through the giveaway, then they have their giveaway and people complain about not having one to buy.

    Lose-lose situation then, but not their fault, simply a reflection of a free market.

  • In Belfast

    I did out of interest.

    Is the device so spectacular that someone would pay for the bare bones device over another model with cabling included?

  • Jeremiah C

    There is no free or give away here. That was false advertising. Free means NO purchase. What you said about many new interest is true. And that part is good for them and use. But this was a clear stunt. Again was advertised to people where never actually had any kind of chances to get it. Small number was sent only too smaller number of places after it was hyped. Creating a black market which is what it seems was intended. So this is a staged stunt where we all are loosers. You speak as if the was unexpected instance?

  • In Belfast

    Was the magazine more or less expensive than before?

    Was the magazine available in more or less quantities than before?

    Was the magazine available in more or less outlets than before?

    If any of the above changed from previous issues, if it was available in less places in lower quantities, you might warrant being annoyed, but it still wouldn’t be a scam.

    But if it was the same magazine, with a very nice freebie that was putting it suddenly making it exceedingly desirable, then none of us have any ground for complaint.

  • Falk M.

    Not sure if the issue sells as well as it’s offered there, but I think what these sellers are banking on is the collectible aspect of the MagPi issue rather than the actual Pi Zero, which, to be honest, is a fair point, but mighty Lord, I’ll wait for the re-run and get the magazine then and probably a couple of separate Pi Zeros to keep in the drawer for whatever projects I might come up with.

    Just recently I found various people’s tutorials on how to make a Raspberry Pi Gameboy, laptop, tablet, … but all of these ideas fell short of one aspect: clunky design, so I actually tried to see if anyone had taken their time to strip away the soldered ports and use the solder points to connect the various devices and spread them a little / allow for more compact arrangement.
    I wasn’t lucky in finding any projects (yet), but I found the Pi Zero and now I’m much more optimistic about any future embedding projects. 🙂

  • Jeremiah Hell Yeah

    Don’t understand these questions since they have no relevance but there was much much less in almost no locations.

    Not sure why your arguing a losing side. Are you a troll? Did you get your copy? Do you work for Raspberry?

    Did they not advertise through several new means this special issue? Did they claim there was something free? Look up meaning of the word free if your confused as to what it means in english. Did they distribute it in such a way knowing almost none of the people that they created this hype for would be able to get it at all?

    If they honestly did this as a mistake would they be printing an apology right now to there loyal or curious new customers?

    Did I call it a scam or did I say this was a staged stunt to create even more desire and hype for there product at the cost of rest of us? Did I bring anyting forward that was untrue?

    You have stated many things that you seem either confused about or misrepresented so are you playing devils advocate(A Troll)? or are you an employee?

    In UK they were supposed to be located in WHSmith. if you yourself contacted any of the you would know 2 things. 1 most didn’t get any and never were going to. 2 the few that did get them were of course purchased by one person. No amount of knowledge or education would be needed to know this type of event. So I don’t need to use any disrespect to get you to prove you yourself are also smart enough to know this.

    Was this a good will event? Only if there were many and I mean many incompetent and naive people involved.

    Was this staged? Look at the outcome and if there was any possibility of it going any other way? No other company ever created hype and limited distribution to create this kind of frenzy and black market before?

  • Jeremiah Hell Yeah

    I see you trolling here too. If you work for Raspberry state it. If not stop trolling. And yes the Pi does cost much less then the magazine but that was never the point was it.

  • In Belfast

    I can confirm, I work for Magpi and the Pi Foundation.

    No wait! I mean I don’t, I don’t, no conflict of interest here!

  • In Belfast

    Good grief, a £6 computer is given away for free and bought by people who are selling it for 4-5 times the price themselves on eBay. That’s all this is.

    I call it the free market, you imply something exceedingly sinister.

    Chill! They’ll be available again, sans magazine!

  • angryenglishman

    well they should be reprinted and another 50k on the shelves and shops should say only one per person.

  • Tahir Afzal

    Fucking Wankers if you can’t meet the demand off creating product to meet customers demand than don’t create a product….

    Marketing gimmick….Guys Stick to your raspberry pi 2 model it’s much better and reliable this is complete bull shit you need to buy cables SD card works out to about the same price off a raspberry pi 2 model….

    It’s only worth investing into it if you’re creating projects that has very compact room so you can fit in a raspberry Pi zero otherwise this peace off junk is useless it does exactly the same as a raspberry pi 2 if not less as it does not have an ethernet input or output…..

    Nothing comes free in this world as they claim to have said in there MagPi 40 issue…..Everything has a price…. if they really want to distribute copies for free than it should be @ £0.00…

  • Nicholas Sithole

    Did you get any info if they’ll be available in South Africa? If so where can I get it? I don’t really have the time to check at my local CNA and run around the mall, but if it’s there, I’ll make the time 🙂

  • Green advocator

    No, no reply so guess its not for us.

  • Dedo Mraz

    Will this MagPi be available in Macedonia?

  • raja.pedireddy

    Please make available in India…..

  • nekoanomaly

    Magazine is sold out. Bummer

  • Green advocator

    No nothing, not even a response from them.

  • 4-5 times the price? I’ve seen it on Ebay for >£60!

  • Jason S

    It only weighs 2.5KG? Wow, that is light! 🙂

  • Gerrit

    Anybody got one?

  • Michael Cole

    Microcenter in Denver has a bunch of PiZero “starter kits”.

  • Dario Bacic

    If you get some send me pleas one to Germany or to Zadar 😛

  • William Morin

    I really really could do some awesome stuff i can do with one if u would send me one please??