1 year ago

Pioneers II: The New Challenge

Grab your portable battery and shoes and get making outdoors

Pioneers is back with a brand new challenge for all you budding makers out there. The first challenge was to make the Pioneers judges laugh and there was plenty of that with the projects that were submitted! Check out the winners video for a reminder of these Pi-powered giggles.

The new challenge can be summed up in three words: Make it outdoors. This time, the mission is to make the coolest Raspberry Pi project that works out in the real world. Whether it’s something simple like a motion-activated birdhouse watcher or something a bit more advanced like a mountain-climbing robot, as long as it takes place beyond the front door it’s eligible. Here’s another video introducing the new challenge.

There’s loads of resources you can make use of for this project, as well as special discounts for relevant parts from Pimoroni. Find out more on the announcement blog for the second challenge.