1 year ago

New PiBorg controller and robot on Kickstarter!

The robot masters return with a brand new motor controller and a new robot kit, ThunderBorg and MonsterBorg, now on Kickstarter


Meet the Thunderborg. We like to say it as if it’s a lyric in an Iron Maiden song. It’s the brand new motor controller from the amazing folk at PiBorg. It’s an upgraded version of PicoBorg Reverse, allowing for two-way motor control and adding on-board voltage monitoring, an RGB LED, and is just a little bigger than the Raspberry Pi Zero. The boards can also be daisy-chanined together to control up to 100 motors!

It’s a big beast with big wheels – it reminds us of those old RC cars

The Thunderborg also comes with a new robot kit, the MonsterBorg. A true monster of a kit, it has 4” wheels and is apparently pretty powerful. It’s quite similar to the YetiBorg being used in Formula Pi, albeit much larger, and can be programmed much the same way.

Both of these new products are currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and at the time of writing the PiBorg team have already handily met their goal. It’s not too late to jump on board the early bandwagon though and get yourself a Thunderbord and/or a MonsterBorg by June.