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Mac Mini Pi

Arguably the smallest, cutest classic Mac-inspired project, the Mac Mini Pi is actually much more than a swanky case for your Raspberry Pi…

Adafruit knows a thing or two about building impressive Raspberry Pi projects, and the Ruiz brothers’ Mac Mini Pi – originally inspired by RetroMacCast’s John Badger – is certainly no exception. Besides being an unashamedly cute design, this tiny Mac is much more than a fancy case for your Raspberry Pi – it’s a fully functioning emulator, so you can relive those Mac OS 7 glory days (or experience them for the first time). The software used for emulation is a flavour of Mini vMac that perfectly emulates early Macs that ran Motorola’s 680×0 microprocessor. The software runs happily alongside Raspbian, too.

Designing a Mac case

Designing a Mac case

The full article can be read in The MagPi 39

Adafruit’s guide includes everything you need to build the project yourself, including detailed instructions and the files you need for the 3D print (you can use a 3D printing service if you lack a printer of your own). Under the hood, the project uses a standard Raspberry Pi Model B, the 320×240 3.2˝ PiTFT screen, a 3.7V lithium-ion battery, and a simple audio amp, among other things. Some basic soldering skills are a must and you can expect to spend most of the weekend on the build itself (it’s fiddly!).

Steve Jobs won't yell at you while you build it

Steve Jobs won’t yell at you while you build it

You can check out this amazing project in its entirety on the Adafruit website.

It's easy to open up and maintain as well!

It’s easy to open up and maintain as well!