1 year ago

Explore the Raspberry Pi 3B+ in The MagPi #68

This month saw the launch of the all-new, faster Raspberry Pi 3B+. And we’ve got it covered in more ways than one.

Inside this edition of The MagPi magazine you’ll find the most in-depth coverage of the new Raspberry Pi 3B+ board in existence. Huge photographs of the board show, in close-up detail, all the new technology and engineering expertise that’ve allowed it to become faster, cooler, and pack more technology (onto the same board).

The new Raspberry Pi 3B+ has been fully benchmarked across a huge range of tests. We’ve tested the GPIO, CPU, memory, and networking functionality. There are also heat tests of the new board, displaying just how much cooler it runs.

You’ll also find an in-depth interview with the engineering team, who explain how the board came together. Plus! We’ve got a whole bunch of project ideas that take advantage of the faster processing.

Build battle robots in The MagPi #68

Pi Wars is a classic competition in the community. Every year, Pi fans gather to pit homemade robots against each other in gladiatorial combat. In the run-up to this year’s event we’ve got advice on how to build amazing battle bots.

Plus some of the best projects around. We show you how to hook up a Raspberry Pi and touchscreen to Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons to build a Pi Switch; and how to hack a home fan to keep you cool.

The MagPi #68 is an essential read. Click here to get your copy today.